Training with Anni & Daniela (22nd of February)

The workshops aren’t specifically about zouk. Non-zouk-dancers are welcome to join as well 🙂

Workshop description:

Aworkshop for women and men – Let’s meet on eye level. Let’s dance hand in hand

Let’s startwith a simple fact: We all love to dance and we all love to meet for Zouk

But did you ever wonder why it’s actually so fascinating, so exciting, so tempting and also so challenging when we dance together with a partner?

Beyond justdancing and sharing the love for Zouk, there is so much more going on….
What is ourintention to dance?
What is ourintention to connect?
What do webelieve about the partner?
Why arewomen like this and men like that?
Why does someone feel this and the other one that?

Let’s start the journey…

Anni and Daniela are inviting you to travel through time, your minds and your bodies – gain new perspectives, be astounded by biology, get surprised by history, get new inspirations from ancient knowledge and have amazing renewed connections with one another.

The workshop include practical parts like meditation in movements and partner exercises. Also you will receive a lot of food for your mind to create awareness, collect new knowledge and insights and just be blown away

The workshop is being split into two different topics but are preferably to be participated together. The content will be not about just Zouk, but the workshops will also contain exercise for social dancing and time for dancing.

As we have non-german speaking members the workshop will be held in English.German translations are possible at any time.

Part I (11:00 till ca. 13:00)
– getting to know yourself and creating awareness(a break will take place between 13-14 h, exact time will be decided during the workshop)

Part II (ca. 14:00-16:00)
– consciously meeting the partner

Part III (22:00-02:00)
– enjoy yourselves – at the Zouk party

Both the workshop and the party will take place at La Mambita, Mehringdamm 33 (Türcode 2020)

free for Danca Alegria members
Learn more about the association here:

for externals:
35€ for the workshop and the party
5€ just the party