How can I become a member of Danca Alegria e.V.?

Find out how to join here.

How much is the membership fee?

The membership fee is 30€ every quarter for each member.

Can I reduce the membership fee if I can’t participate in all the events of a month?

No, unfortunately this is not possible. The membership fee will be charged every month independently from your participation that month. If there is another club event offered, that needs to be charged additionally, you only have to pay that fee in case you participate in it.

Is it possible to pause my membership?

No, if you want to pause, please cancel your membership and become a member again.

How can I cancel my membership?

Corresponding to our charter you can cancel your membership with Danca Alegria e.V. at the end of any quarter with a 30 days’ notice. Therefor an informal e-mail sent to vorstand@danca-alegria.de is enough. For example you want to cancel your membership until the end of March, then your e-mail needs to reach us by the end of February.

Can I become a member again after I cancelled my membership?

Yes, of course you can become a member of Danca Alegria e.V. again. But in case there are any membership fees left undischarged, those naturally have to be paid.

Do you have questions regarding the actual dancing?

Check our Tips for Beginners section.