Become a Member

Our association is a non-profit association which is only made possible by the voluntary work of many people. It is important to us that our members don’t just see the association as a service provider but value the work which is put into it. For that reason we encourage new members to see if they can maybe participate in one of our many task forces. There are many smaller tasks that are also limited in time, giving even fulltime studying/working people the chance to contribute.

If you have decided to join our association please read our statute and contribution regulations. Unfortunately, they are only available in German at the moment. If you don’t understand German you will find the most important information here and on our FAQ page.

Download registration form | Download founding statutes Download subscription rules

Once you have done so you can bring the filled in membership application to one of the associations events. Please note that the membership application is a contract and that you are committing to the payment of the membership fees! A person from the board or the registration team will then accept your application and have a quick talk (~ 5 min) with you about your application and answer any questions you might have.

After your application and before you attend your first event of the association as a member you then make your first payment of 90€ rounded up to the next quarter year. For example, if you are joining in January you then have to pay 90€ (January – August) + 10€ (September). This is a one time advance payment. The whole amount is considered for your membership fees. In this example your membership would have been paid from January until September and you would only have to start paying again from October onwards. Please note that memberships don’t expire but have to be cancelled by you!

If you have any more questions about the association, the membership or anything else, feel free to shoot us a mail. Common questions have been answered on our FAQ page.