Zouk Weekend with Julissa & Kakah in Berlin

Free outdoor party not organised by us at Ludwig-Erhard-Ufer (Salsa, Bachata, Kizomba, Tango, Zouk on separate dance floors)
13:30 – Entry
14:00 – Open Level Workshop start
17:15 – Workshop end
21:00 – Party start
02:00 – Party end
13:30 – Entry
14:00 – Advanced Level Workshop start
17:15 – Workshop end
20.00-00.00 Zouk Party @Soda Club (Entrance: 8 € incl. 3 € drink coupon)
Workshops and Party at Mambita Etage, Kolonnenstraße 29, 10829 Berlin,
Careful: It’s Mambita Etage, not Mambita Mehringdamm Don’t show up at the wrong place
Eingang Gewerbe über Privatstr.
3rd backyard/Hinterhof 2nd stairs/Aufgang 2nd floor/1. Stock auf deutsch
Ring at the gate, it opens automatically. Afterwards you have 1 minute to get through the glass entrance door. If you missed the time slot just go back and ring again to open the door.
Please take off your street shoes before entering the studio and make sure your dance shoes don’t leave stripes on the floor.
90€ both days
45€ either day + party
10€ just the party
No need to sign up beforehand, registration and payment are at the door, just come a bit early 🙂 Payment via bank transfer is also possible. For more information and any questions you might have please reach out to kontakt@danca-alegria.de
5€ contribution per day of participation for Danca Alegria members.
To know more about Dança Alegria and how to become a member visit:
If you are interested in couchsurfing please contact couchsurfing@danca-alegria.de
*******HYGIENE CONCEPT*******
If a participant appears to have symptoms they might be turned away at the door. Please do not come if you have symptoms.
If we learn of any infections that might be related to this event we will post in this Facebook here