Club training with Ilse and Carlos on the 27.8.2016

Zoukies helllöööö,

Club training is once again, do you remember?

We have a special treat for you this time!

The amusing teacher Ilse and Carlos come from the low countries in the North (traveled well almost 🙂 to us. They are not only funny, but attach special importance to the social component in the Zouk and are also good teacher so according to our taste!

This time we give us once again full of fabulous – learning most
Afternoon, eating at the dinner and dancing in the night!

So the plan is as follows:

When: na Saturday 27.08.2016

Where: of course in our Stammlokal-of our beloved MOM… Mambita :)! (Mehringdamm 33)

Na WAT nu as and when exactly at all?

15: 00-17:00 basic to intermediate workshop

30 minute break

17.30 – 19.30 advanced workshop

20:00 dinner (optional)

21: 30-00:30 pm dancing!

Teacher: Ilse and Carlos

Price: €20 for a double

The first workshop is suitable also for beginners,
But even the old-timers come at their expense. The
Advanced Workshop earns its name, so if
you have just learned where your rights and where the left foot
hinjesetzt is advanced at your own risk, without warranty!

But still, we have a questions:
Who wants a joint dinner?
Please bear in the Doodle link you on, so that we
Restaurant can search, that is crazy enough on a Saturday
Evening to absorb so many Zoukis at once.


So you love, come, we look forward!

And dont forget-Zouk needs you!