Kris & Ola – SoulZouk – 05.-07.01.2018

Let´s start the New Year prioritising feeling in dancing: the essence of SoulZouk! Join the 1st Dança Alegria training of 2018 with the special guest teachers Kris Leczek & Aleksandra Kowalczyk!

SoulZouk is a teaching methodology developed in Rio de Janeiro. It’s main features is focusing on the connection between the dancers, the comfort and pleasure for the follower. It uses biomechanics and body leading as a min source of communication between leader and the follower. SoulZouk is very popular in Brazil because leaders trained this way are known to be very gentle and precise leaders. SoulZouk followers are know to be very stable and balanced, execute movements in a safe way, execute precise isolations and are versatile to dance with leaders dancing all Zouk styles.



Friday, 5th JAN:
19:30-21:30 –> 2h Advanced* Workshop @ Spirit Berlin (Schererstraße 3ph, 13347 Berlin)

Saturday, 6th JAN:
13:30-18:00 –> 4h Open-Level Workshop @ Spirit Berlin
21:00-02:00 –> Full Moon Party @ Spirit Berlin (5 €)

Sunday, 7th JAN:
13:30-15:30 –> 2h Advanced* Workshops @ Spirit Berlin
19:00 – 20:00 –> Zouk Class @Soda Club (entrance fee: €6 incl. 1h Zouk class and Party)
20:00 – 00:00 –> Zouk Party @Soda Club (entrance fee: €6 incl. 3€ drink coupon)



Full Pass: All workshops* (8h) €70
Friday Pass: 2h Advanced workshops* €30
Saturday Pass: 4h Open-Level workshops €40
Sunday Pass*: 2h Advanced workshops* €30

FREE for Dança Alegria members!!!
To know more about Dança Alegria and how to become a member visit:

* to participate in Advanced workshops you need to have at least 2 years of Zouk experience



Private classes are a great way to speed up your learning process! Kriss & Ola are also available for private classes in Berlin during the weekend 5-7 January 2018. Contact us at for more information on times and prices.



SoulZ has been a Zouk DJ since 2012 and is well established on international Zouk scene sharing his musing on the many European and international Zouk festivals. He is known for playing sensual Zouk music and has a varied repertoire including RnB, pop, lyrical, ballads, dubstep, chillstep, and reggae inspired music. SoulZ’s musical & dance philosophy is inspired by SoulZouk, developed by China in Rio de Janeiro.

Aleksandra took her first dance steps as a little girl. She started with acrobatics and sports dance.
In 2012 she saw zouk for the first time and instantly noticed that she wants to give full vent to this dance. For her zouk is the reflection of everything what she values in dance: smooth and lyrical
moves, flow, connection of two bodies and their souls. Very quickly Ola began to perform with the zouk choreography group and became an zouk instructor.
In 2016 Ola started her history with SoulZouk. Through intensive training and cooperation with Kris, Ola very quickly began to teach Soulzouk. She was also assisting China, her great authority and creator of SoulZouk.